Price Decisions
The price decisions in gas industry are issued by the Office as for the regulated activities according to §11(2) of Act No. 250/2012 Coll. on regulation in network industries through which the Office makes decisions on the prices for connection to networks, provision of ancillary services in gas industry, access to the transport network and gas transport, access to the distribution network and gas distribution, provision of gas supply to vulnerable customers (households and small businesses), provision of gas supply by a last resort supplier, and gas facility purchase.

Rules of Operation 
The Office shall issue decisions on the approval of the Rules of Operation for network operators and gas storage operators. The Rules of Operation define the detailed conditions for the functioning of the gas market, the conditions for the performance of regulated activities in the gas industry, including business conditions, network connection and access dates and service delivery dates, as well as issues related to gas contracts concluded by the network operator or gas storage operator.

Business Conditions
The decisions of the Office approving the business conditions for gas supply provided by gas suppliers, if the universal service is provided in the course of gas supply. An obligation to develop business conditions for universal service provision and to submit them to the Office for approval lays upon every gas supplier providing universal service.