Basic information

The Regulatory Board is URSO‘s body providing strategic direction and the concept of regulation in the network industries.  According to the Regulatory Act (Act No 250/2012 Coll.), the Regulatory Board consists of six members.

Powers of the Regulatory Board include:

  • adopting regulatory policy, including its amendments,
  • adjudicating on appeals against first instance decisions taken by URSO in a tariff or non-tariff or extraordinary regulation procedure, except for decisions on fine imposition,
  • electing a candidate for appointment as the Regulatory Board chairman from among its members,
  • proposing, to the President of the Slovak Republic, a candidate for appointment as the Regulatory Board chairman and proposing to dismiss the chairman,
  • electing the Regulatory Board vice-chairman from among its members,
  • approval of:
  1.  draft agreements on mutual cooperation with regulatory authorities of EU Member States,
  2.  the Regulatory Board‘s rules of procedure,
  3.  the report on URSO‘s activities,
  4.  establishment of URSO‘s offices outside its seat,
  5.  URSO‘s annual accounts.
  • commenting on draft general binding legislation issued by URSO
Regulatory Board members