What is outside URSO competences?

URSO does not verify matters related to metering and illegal consumption or district heating supply, all of which fall within the competence of the Slovak Trade Inspection.

Additionally, URSO does not perform inspections of water suppliers and distributors. Supervision of the section of public water supply systems and public sewerage systems is carried out by the relevant Ministry, district municipalities in the seat of the country´s regions and district municipalities within the scope of their competence.

URSO is also not empowered to deal with issues related to facility management companies, such as the annual billing settlement of costs associated with the use of an apartment, which falls within the competence of the Slovak Trade Inspection.

Nor can URSO act in matters relating to technical matters relating to electricity and gas distribution, in particular the fulfilment of technical conditions of the supply points required by the DSO in accordance with the relevant technical standards.