In this section we refer to the respective legislation on REMIT and related ACER documents.

All the documents and necessary information for market participants can be found on ACER web site in REMIT section.

Entry to the REMIT Portal available to market participants and other stakeholders on ACER website.  


  • REMIT Regulation (pdf)
    REMIT is Regulation (EU) No. 1227/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency, which entered into force on 28.12.2011.
    REMIT establishes a framework for wholesale energy market monitoring and specifies market abuse in the form of market manipulation or an attempt to manipulate the market, as well as insider trading.
  • Implementing Acts (pdf)
    The Implementing Regulation of the European Commission (the implementing acts pursuant to Art. 8.2 of REMIT) was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 18 December 2014 and entered into force on 7 January 2015. The implementing acts establishes uniform rules of the relevant information to be reported, the date and form of data reporting, as well as the list of contracts and derivates to be reported.
  • Act No. 250/2012 Coll. on Regulation in Network Industries (pdf)
    Act No. 250/2012 Coll. on regulation in network industries empowered URSO by means of REMIT implementation, effective from 1 September 2012 to administer the register of electricity and gas market participants for the purposes of wholesale electricity and gas market monitoring, as well as to investigate suspicious cases of market abuse and to impose sanctions in case of breach.


ACER Guidance

  • ACER Guidance on REMIT application (pdf)
    This document of 29 October 2013 (3rd update by ACER) is a manual which was prepared pursuant to Article 16.1 of REMIT and contains legally non-binding guidance for national regulatory authorities regarding REMIT application, especially application of terms and definitions laid down in Article 2.
    The document is updated from time to time and reflects changing market conditions and experience gained by national regulatory authorities and ACER during REMIT implementation, and also from the feedbacks of market participants and other stakeholders.
  • REMIT Questions and answers
    The objective of this document elaborated by ACER is to provide the market participants basic and integrated information on REMIT implementation. The document is updated from time to time and reflects the changing market conditions and experience gained by the relevant stakeholders during REMIT implementation.

Questions & Answers on REMIT 17th Edition (pdf)

The document gives answers to the following questions:

  • What is REMIT and whom does REMIT affect?
  • Which products and markets are affected by REMIT?
  • What is the role of ACER in the framework of REMIT?
  • What is market abuse, market manipulation and what are inside information?
  • What is the timeline of REMIT implementation?


ACER Recommendations

ACER Decisions

  • Decision No. 01/2012 as of 26 June 2012 (pdf)
    ACER established by means of its Decision No. 01/2012 the registration format pursuant to Art. 9.3 of REMIT. Annex to this decision is a detailed specification of data of the registration format which are divided into five sections. These data will be required upon registration of the market participants who conduct transactions which are to be reported to ACER pursuant to Art. 8.1 of REMIT.

ACER documents for the purposes of data reporting

The following are other documents concerning the obligation to report data pursuant to Art. 8 of REMIT. Market participants, entities or authorities listed in Art. 8.4.b) to f) acting on their behalf shall provide the Agency with a record of wholesale energy market transactions, including orders to trade.

  • RRM (pdf)
    This document "Requirements for the registration of Registered Reporting Mechanisms (RRM)" describes the requirements for the reporting of trade and fundamental data, the registration process of reporting parties and how the Agency will assess that the aforementioned requirements are fulfilled. The paper also provides an overview of the relevant legal framework.
  • PFUM (pdf)
    This document "Manual of Procedures on transaction and fundamental data reporting" defines procedures, standards and electronic formats for for both transaction reporting according to Article 6 and for fundamental data reporting according to Articles 8 and 9 of Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1348/2014. In particular, the document will include information on the data submission channels, the data validation rules and the XML-schemas to be used for the reporting. This manual should help reporting parties such as ENTSO, transmission system operators (TSOs), LNG network operators, natural gas underground storage operators or third parties acting on their behalf to report fundamental data according to REMIT.
  • TRUM (pdf)
    This document "Transaction Reporting User Manual (TRUM)" focusses primarily on providing guidance on what to report Wholesale Energy Products. Annexes to the document can be found here:


Documents helpful for market participants´ registration

For the purposes of the registration of the energy wholesale market participants the Office will publish the methodical guidance to the registration in the National register.