The Office

From the year of its establishment in 2001, the Regulatory Office for Network Industries has experienced many difficult periods. A lot of things has been changed, but the mission of the Office remained the same, because until the network industries bear the monopolistic character, regulation will be still necessary. The energy "transport" on its route from a production source to the plug connection in a consumer´s apartment will be permanently  watched by a certain state authority that will prevent the supplier´s or a network operator´s monopolistic position to be abused at the expense of the consumers.

The Office, as a state authority in network industries with inexisting competition, ensures balance between the investors´ and consumers´ interests. In the meantime, the Office has to protect the interests of both groups of consumers and investors. It is obvious that an investor would not perform his business in this field without profit guarantees. Therefore, the Office has to create an environment  appropriate for a businessman to invest, but not at the expense of consumers, or in other words, the prices have to be fair for both sides.

The Regulatory Office for Network Industries performs its mission pursuant to the Act No.  250/2012 Coll. on regulation in network industries, and thus through determining the prices and conditions of their application in network industries, and the conditions for the regulated activities performance. 

The regulated activities cover:

  • generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity and the related services,
  • performance of the short-term electricity market administrator´s activities,
  • production, transport, distribution, storage and supply of gas and the related services,
  • production, distribution and supply of heat,
  • production, distribution and supply of potable water by public water supply system,
  • diversion and purification of sewage through public sewerage system,
  • abstraction of surface water and energy water from water flows, utilization of the hydro-potential of the water flows.

The Regulatory Office for Network Industries is a state authority which is independent from the both state power and regulated entities. Within its performance, the Office is not subject to any political or business groups.